The film


The films are available on YouTube in different languages  (besides English on this page, also in FrenchDutch, PortugueseSpanish  and Italian ) and with many subtitle languages (only the French version has all the subtitles. See the list of languages on the Thank You page).

The entire film can also be downloaded with a torrent client : HD720 version or HD1080 version.(includes multiple languages and subtitles)

You can set the video quality using the icons a the bottom right of the film, and you can access a list of the chapters. If you have difficulties moving from one chapter to another, then click on Chapters where you will find the film also, at the bottom of the page.

For Bengali subtitles, it is recommended to install this program and to choose the Vrinda font in the YouTube subtitle settings. 

With these icons, from left to right, you can choose the chapter, choose subtitles, choose the video quality, watch later, watch in YouTube, and watch fullscreen.

Downloading the films is also possible, using programs such as YouTube Downloader or Free Video Downloader...or others of your choice. You can download a complete set of subtitles here. For playing the downloaded films, there are some tips on this page in our Dimensions site. If you use an I-device (iPhone, iPad, iPod), it is possible that the icons are not there : you can then use the YouTube app which should give you access to the subtitles.

The nine chapters of Chaos are distributed under the following Creative Commons license:

You are free to copy, distribute and transmit the work under the following conditions: